Documents to Collect for Family History

by Robert Penry - 2019

Posted Feb 27, 2019
Last Updated Feb 27, 2019

As we do family research, we soon find that we have a considerable amount of documents, both paper and electronic media.  We soon find how valuable a scanner is.  We scan documents and store them in folders on our PC.   We also store paper files.  We then begin to see that our paper folders and our electronic folders often have the same name and the same type of material.  We might have a folder on our PC labeled "Obituaries" and have the same folder in a file cabinet.  The one continues obituaries that we copied from on-line sources and the other clippings from newspapers or copies we made from a file at a library.

The following is a list of many of the documents we save and use in research:


Pedigree Chart
Family Group Sheet

Vital Records - Birth

Birth Certificates
Birth Announcements

Vital Records - Marriage

Engagement Announcements
Marriage Announcements
Marriage License'
Marriage Certificates
Anniversary Announcements
Divorce Announcements
Divorce/Annulment Certificates

Vital Records - Death

Death Certificates
Death Notices
Funeral Programs
Funeral Cards
Tombstones & Monuments

Census Records

Folder for each census year

Church Records

Blessing Certificates
Baptism Certificates
Ordination Certificates
Temple Records
Mission Records
Church Education Records

Immediate Family

(Separate Folders for each family member)
Medical Records
Military Records
School Records
Employment Records

Other Records

Play Bills and Programs
Financial Records
Household Inventory
Recipe Collections
Journals and Diaries
Greeting Cards


(Paper and E-Mail)
From Family Members
From Friends
for family history research


Atlas & Road Maps
Historical and Tourist Sites

Photos & Post Cards

Family Homes
Historic Family Sites
Medieval Portraits & Heraldry
Ancestor Portraits
Current Family Portraits
Cemetery & Grave Pictures
Family Travel/Vacation

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